Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful...

For this part of California! Well, maybe all of it is not the Golden State at the moment, it is the White State, and brrr, COLD! We are having day time highs of 46 degrees, haha. Not counting windchill. Well, it is winter. The photo above is one Mike took today of Mt. Toro and the Santa Lucia Mountain Range. There is over a foot of snow in places and when it clears and you look down the valley, there is snow along all the ranges. Wew, it was one of the bigger storms we have had in a while.

I was worried about the new piggies, they are fine, as well my lemon tree is enduring the confines of the garage. This weather can't last forever (can it?) however we do need to water, and even snow has an inch of water to approximately every foot. So far we have escaped much wind damage, compared to the last storm (several weeks ago), however they are calling for more rain, snow and high we shall see what tomorrow brings.

I do love the look of snow up on the mountain tops though!

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