Friday, December 1, 2006

If you think my fridge montage is interesting...

Then you might like the one over my desk!

I seem to be allergic to blank wall space! :) I have pictures drawn by my 3 kids on the top row, with job related items below and to the right. I 've stuck up sayings and photos that I like or that speak to me in some way. (Yes, that is a Starbucks coffee bag-their graphics are well done this year!) I also have a calander that helps keep me on track plus my laptop usually sports a seasonal picture-right now it is a view of a field in late fall with hoar frost and the slant of light I associate with this time of year. Soon I think I will pick something for advent....

My laptop usually sits in the center (that is what the 2 little books are for) and I plug in the speakers so I can hear music... My dk either sit behind me or in another room for school. Sometimes Mike works in the shop on projects, he earned quite a bit by helping my brother repair his drill rig after an accident.

I am sure someone will ask about the sayings, so here is what I can remeber:

"Never wrestle with a pig-you get all muddy and the pig has a good time"

"Worry does not empty tomorrow of it's sorrow, it empties today of it's strength"

"Most Folks are as about as happy as they have made up their minds to be"

"Let Go, Let God" (take care of the problems, punish or reward, take care of the universe, etc)

Those aren't all by a long shot, however I can't read the rest in the photo-I 'll have to have a shot at putting more on later! So there you have it, my inspiration in my place away from home!

The fall color on many of our street's trees is just beginning, (some are rather slow) while in other areas it is almost over! I love walking or driving down a street drifting in leaves, golden and red, shimmering in the autum sun or glowing in the dusk.
We love watching the visitors to our two feeders (black sunflower seed and nijer seed). This is a house finch, their colors very from peach to orange to red-pretty! On the nijer seed feeder this moring there are some American Goldfinches along with their lesser cousins! Exciting as we don't see them very often. Tarby of course observes all this-it is like tv for cats but better! (Well for the birds anyway!)