Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful...

For this part of California! Well, maybe all of it is not the Golden State at the moment, it is the White State, and brrr, COLD! We are having day time highs of 46 degrees, haha. Not counting windchill. Well, it is winter. The photo above is one Mike took today of Mt. Toro and the Santa Lucia Mountain Range. There is over a foot of snow in places and when it clears and you look down the valley, there is snow along all the ranges. Wew, it was one of the bigger storms we have had in a while.

I was worried about the new piggies, they are fine, as well my lemon tree is enduring the confines of the garage. This weather can't last forever (can it?) however we do need to water, and even snow has an inch of water to approximately every foot. So far we have escaped much wind damage, compared to the last storm (several weeks ago), however they are calling for more rain, snow and high we shall see what tomorrow brings.

I do love the look of snow up on the mountain tops though!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Belated Merry Christmas and A very Happy New Year!

Hello all, so sorry to be so late with the good wishes...typical for me I guess. Today I sent out all of our thank yous for this year, and last year, and prior years. You see, it was good for my dk to write the thank yous mom requested, who of course then set them aside to send out some time...when the moon was in the perfect quarter and Martha S. came over to help do envelopes in Spencerian Script. Haha. (and don't get your knickers knotted. I like MS was just fun to say that! )

So, the TY's are gone! And now I need to really get the rest of the Christmas cards out before Candlemas...February 2nd I believe...(I feel bad though, the tree is usually down by the 6th, Epiphany, but It Is Still UP. geesh. Even my dd has her tree down...never mind that she locked herself out in the process... but she even has it together!)

However here is my contribution to your seasons greetings-Wishing you blessings in the new year, may 2008 be good to you and yours and the grace and peace of Christmas be with you all.

~Helen and Family.

Raccoons and Rascals

Raccoons are not often seen in our neighborhood, however rascals night my two rascals ran in the house out of breath and excited...they had Seen Some Raccoons! On one hand, I was not interested ( I grew up with the critters irritating the heck out of us) on the other hand, I was not sure the boys weren't just foolin' around and trying to pull the wool over our collective eyes.

Actually, they were telling the truth, as the photo below illustrates. There were 2 or 3 of the critters in the trees about a block away, and Rascal Mike got a picture of at least well I have pictures of "eyes" but those aren't as cute as the little 'thief' below.

Incidentally we have not seen them since, so I suspect the raccoon crew decided there were a few too many rascals around and left! At least I hope so-they are not kind to ponds! Which I have...

in Getting Ready for the Day

I got sidetracked. Looking in the bathroom mirror at the holly tree. Which of course made me think about the birds that like to eat the berries, that haven't come yet...that poop on all the cars. That is the quandary. I love the tree and the birds. I like how the tree looks with the red berries and the bi-color leaves, I love watching the cedar wax bills wolf down the berries-I just don't like the mess they leave! :) Although it is amusing when they overload on the older berries and ahem, can't leave the

I also started thinking about the song "The Holly and the Ivy" which led to musing about a children's book, "Holly and Ivy" which led to another childrens book, "The Favorite Days" or something like that, and on to Christmas planning...
So I never got everything planned done that morning-because of dwadling in the bathroom looking at the holly tree thinking !