Wednesday, January 16, 2008

in Getting Ready for the Day

I got sidetracked. Looking in the bathroom mirror at the holly tree. Which of course made me think about the birds that like to eat the berries, that haven't come yet...that poop on all the cars. That is the quandary. I love the tree and the birds. I like how the tree looks with the red berries and the bi-color leaves, I love watching the cedar wax bills wolf down the berries-I just don't like the mess they leave! :) Although it is amusing when they overload on the older berries and ahem, can't leave the

I also started thinking about the song "The Holly and the Ivy" which led to musing about a children's book, "Holly and Ivy" which led to another childrens book, "The Favorite Days" or something like that, and on to Christmas planning...
So I never got everything planned done that morning-because of dwadling in the bathroom looking at the holly tree thinking !

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