Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Coming back from a Loooong Hiatus

Well, I am sorry for anyone with enough time to check my blog to see if I had ever added another post! I basically checked out and didn't check back in...sorry about that! Between pigs, steer, school, work, kids working, husband, house and garden I never seemed to find the time to blog! I do love reading blogs, and I have great ideas for this one, so I am going to start again!
Starting with the beautiful snowy mountains in the last post. They aren't so beautiful right now as you can see (or not see :o\ ) from this screen shot from a local camera mounted on one of our local tv Stations.

The smoke is from not just the Indians Fire (started by a campfire) in the Los Padres National Forest (southwest of King City) but also from the Basin Complex Fire (started by lightening) which was located in the area east of Big Sur. The fires have burned over 100,000 acres and are yet to be extinguished, hardly surprising seeing as this area has not burned since the Marble Cone Fire in the 1970's.

So as you can see, the mountains are not visible today, and we have had ash falling, black skies and red suns on and off since the middle of June. Ugh. I still have to wash my van-ash really isn't good for the paint, but I bet it is good for the plants. The smoke has also caused allergies to take off and asthmatics are not happy campers with this, but other than staying inside, there is not a lot we can do.

I will post about some of the events that have already taken place, and I will try to remember to bring my camera so as to share the fun! of summer. :)

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