Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Randomness explained

A random list of photos, I know, but I am cleaning out my 'blog' file. These were meant to be posted a long, long time ago. Sigh, I have good intentions, but I just don't seem to put them at the top of my 'to do' list!

'Peace' in the garden, a gorgeous rose, originally named Rose d'Ore in France.

One of my favorite photos of Mike and Lefty at the Western Bonanza Livestock Show in February...Lefty was enjoying the people/cattle watching.

"The Wife of Bath" a lovely Austin rose, in full fig.

"Love-in-the-Mist" in a gorgeous blue, such a fun flower, with funny seed pods...a favorite as it will replant its self and come up over and over again.

"Peace" in Bud.

So there you have it, my collection of random photos...for now!


Sister Mary Martha said...

Thanks! I needed a lift and I love flowers.

Helenrr said...

You're Welcome, Sister Mary Martha! I love growing them-then photographing or painting them. Thanks for the comment!