Sunday, June 10, 2007

Well, it has been a loooong time

Since I blogged last. Sorry about that, that is if you read mine ;p I just got busy with the boys, school, work, the house, you name it! Summer is now upon us and I hope to "catch" up. If one can do that...
Today I am just going to do a quick post...tired after working in the garden. Hoping to put up some more pictures-the boys have been busy, especially Mike. Christina is home part time during the summer :) and is going to perform in the local theater companies version of "Kiss Me Kate". (Western Stage has a great reputation regionally, which is a good thing.)
Below is a photo of one of our projects-a new pig pen.

We had to build this after we lost our original site (due to the eColi scare, it was next to crop land and became a "hot potato' for the landlord. :( we almost did not find a new site.). This new set up was quite an expense, and we hope to use it next year as well. That is Fred you see in the doorway-Patrick's pig. Mike's is behind his...
Well, I am going to post again soon, with pictures and comments. We are missing Father Thomas our Priest today. He is on his way to Moscow to meet with other Oratorian priests...we will miss him in the coming weeks, however we pray that his journey is a blessed one!

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Leonie said...

Good pic - sounds like you are all very busy!