Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Give thanks for this day that the Lord hath made.

It came to me this morning that instead of chasing down the myriad of things that must be done every morning, the first and foremost thing I ought to be doing is giving thanks for this new day. Everyday, no matter what the weather, the occasion, the good or bad taking is a new day firmly wrought with God's hand, and it is there for better or worse, and having faith I hopefully am open to what God wishes to bring me and my family (or friends).

Today as yesterday it is freezing cold, but clear and sunny. I just read on the National Weather Service (the headquarters of which are located in our own backyard, er, Seaside) that a cold freeze advisory is in effect and tonight is going to be a deep freeze in action! (from San Francisco, where my daughter is , to south of here...) Now I know y'all elsewhere, perhaps Alaska or Illinois or New York State, have really cold weather, however for us flat landers near the coast it is really cold! There's even ice in a sag of the Fiat's protective tarp...with a beautiful maple leaf captured in the water. We are having fun watching the frost on roofs, grass and leaves, and the ice fascinates the boys. Mike even added water to the tarp to see how much more it would be frozen this morning (about 3/8ths of an inch).
And this is what is great about this day-the beauty of the trees, the excitement of the freezing weather, even the suffering cold is a good thing (for one, it teaches me to not take our mild climate lightly! It could be 20 below with a foot or two of snow on the ground!). The more chilly the nights, and sunny the days the better the fall color. Our area is known as Maple Park for the beautiful maples that line most of the streets. Their colors are varied and gorgeous, as are the Chinese Pastichio trees, the ginkos and any other fall coloring tree. My spirit rejoices every time I turn down streets lined with gold, red and bronze. Thank you to whom ever had the wisdom to begin the planting of these glorious trees!
Well, my day is calling me away from this rumination, so I will give thanks not only for this day and all the others, but also for those folks who are in it, or who are elsewhere but whom I call to mind and as God's blessing on, truly this is something to be grateful for!

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